Free Bitcoin

Auto Withdraw:

Auto-payouts for this week have now started and you should receive them in the next 6 hours if you had enabled auto-withdraw in your account. If your account balance is over the minimum of 0.00010000 BTC and you do not get paid in the next 6 hours, please enable auto-withdraw by clicking the button that says WITHDRAW above and then check the box next to AUTO WITHDRAW to get paid next week.

Multiply your bitcoins playing a PROVABLY FAIR HI-LO game! Get 1 free lottery ticket for every 0.00009000 BTC that you wager!

Referral Program:

Earn a massive 50% commission on all the free bitcoins won by your referred users and 1 free lottery ticket for every free roll they play!

Participate in our weekly lottery draw and win big prizes! Receive 2 free lottery tickets for every FREE BTC roll you play, 1 ticket for every roll your referrals play and 1 ticket for every 0.00009000 BTC that you wager in the MULTIPLY BTC game!

Manual Withdraw:

The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 0.00010400 BTC. After you initiate a withdrawal request, the Bitcoins will be sent to your wallet within 6 hours and you will be able to see the withdrawal transaction by clicking on STATS in the top menu and then on PERSONAL STATS in the STATS page. 0.00000400 BTC will be deducted from the withdrawal amount to pay the transaction fee. If you make additional withdrawal requests while you have one pending, the amounts will be clubbed together and you will only pay the transaction fee once.

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